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Tobii Technology represents a Swedish company which uses high-technology to develop as well as sell products used for eye tracking and eye control. The company leads to the development of a standalone eye tracking kit which one can add to a Windows 8 computer existing or new. The device is called Tobii Rex which is a stick like appliance which one can mount beneath the screen and attach it to a USB port on his computer. The company holds that the traditional peripherals such as keyboard and mouse continue to be in use, as the device is designed to spur or augment, and not for replacement. The company is presently not producing enough number of this device for use by the public in general. It is said to be producing Tobii Rex just 5000 for consumers by the end 2013, and the price has still not been made public. However, it is on sale to the developers at the rate of $995 per piece. Hence, it may take a little while for a person to use the device. Nevertheless, the days are not far when one will play the game of Fruit Ninja with his eyeballs.

It is wonderful that interaction by gazing facilitates one to control a computer interface the quickest, as well as the most responsive way. Whether one is navigating, scrolling or pointing, Tobii gaze facilitates a new form of interaction between a human and a computer, and development is revolutionary to say the least. The computer mouse and touchscreen techniques are likely to be a thing of past. The cliché point and click will no longer mean the ease of use. With Tobii on the job, the future of computing is going to be far simpler as well as intuitive. The device aims to make things a lot quicker as computer will respond to the wink of an eye. With Tobii Rex a user gets a richer experience with a computer which follows the commands of eyeballs. Gamers can have unflinching attention to the game as it requires a gaze to move a car or a character. The mechanism makes the responses very much like real life responses while playing games.

Tobii is not a household name as yet, but it does not reflect truly the impressiveness of its eye-tracking technology. During last year the device Gaze UI, the interface, and it allowed the user to zoom, select, scroll, and navigate on a laptop, Windows 8 enabled, with the help of eyes and a touchpad. With the introduction of REX which is a USB connected peripheral. The peripheral facilitates adding of these features to any version of Windows 8 PC. This Tobii REX, a bit larger than a pen, is amenable to the base of any kind of PC monitor, and can be easily integrated with the existing control mechanisms like the mouse, touchpad or keyboard. This may seem similar to PCEye introduced in 2011, but difference is that the REX is not designed to be used as an assistive technology. Hence, one would still require mouse and track pad while using a computer.

Tobii REX is likely to bring a novel as well as exciting experience for those at the helm of affairs of the development of new technological devices. It makes a user capable of controlling a computer by combining his eye gaze with other peripherals like mouse, touch, or keyboard. It is easy to attach it to any kind of desktop computer monitor, and also it can be plugged into the computer through USB connection. One can register now to get a VIP invitation as well as access to the web of Tobii shop just 48 hours prior to the date of official release. The developer’s edition of Tobii REX is available to the developers of software desirous of exploring and adding the benefits of Tobii gaze to applications. By supplementing the existing peripheral controls with Tobii gaze, one can fundamentally change the user experience by making interaction with computer faster, all the more intuitive as well as fun. The prospect is exciting, and the whole world is looking forward to the advent of this product which is set to revolutionize the human-computer interaction.


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